Adult preventive care

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High-quality routine preventive care in adulthood helps maintain or improve your current and future health status.

Annual preventive visits

Annual Preventive visits with your Primary Care Provider (PCP) help ensure you are receiving the right preventive care services to catch, treat or prevent illnesses or diseases early, before they become major concerns.

At annual visits these A and B grade preventive services, and more, are covered at no ($0) out-of-pocket costs to you when received by an in-network provider*:

For all adults

  • Colorectal (colon) cancer screenings: The best way to beat colon cancer is to get screened. This cancer usually starts with precancerous polyps, which can be removed during a colonoscopy before they turn into a full-blown cancer.
  • Vaccinations: To maintain immunity from certain diseases, adults need to keep their vaccinations up-to-date, including an annual flu vaccine.
  • Depression screening: Helps find out if you have depression, a common illness which can be treated.
  • Tobacco use screening: Opens a conversation about the health benefits of quitting and smoking cessation programs, such as Freedom from Smoking and Quit for Life.


For women

  • One annual well-woman preventive care visit to get age appropriate services is covered. Women may choose a PCP in internal medicine, family medicine or obstetrical/gynecologist for this visit. Additional visits to these PCPs in a calendar year will be subject to cost sharing.
  • Breast cancer screening: A mammogram to help find breast cancer before any warnings signs or symptoms are present. If an abnormality is found, follow-up tests and treatments are not considered screening, but can find cancer in an early and more treatable stage, reducing the chances of dying from breast cancer. Follow-up tests and treatments will have cost sharing (copays, deductibles).
  • Cervical cancer screening: A Pap test to look for cell changes, or precancers, on the cervix that can become cancer if not treated.
  • Breastfeeding counseling: To offer support options if the baby is not feeding well or if the mother is having concerns with breastfeeding, sore nipples or painful breasts.
  • Postpartum depression screening: Helps to identify symptoms of postpartum depression, a condition that causes great sadness and other symptoms. If diagnosed, treatment benefits both baby and mother.


A and B grade preventive care services

A and B grade are preventive services that the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), doctors and scientists recommend to be of the greatest value in keeping you healthy.

All A and B grade recommendations are covered at no ($0) out-of-pocket costs to you when received by an in-network provider*.

See a list of covered preventive services at

Adult vaccinations

Vaccinations are valuable at all ages. In adulthood, immunity from a vaccine can wear off and you may be at risk for new diseases. Your PCP will help keep you up-to-date on vaccinations, so make sure to schedule your annual preventive visit each year.

The specific vaccines you may need are determined by many different factors such as age, lifestyle, high-risk conditions, and previous vaccines. Talk to your PCP about what’s right for you.

*If your plan uses a provider network, review your summary of benefits and coverage for network provider details.